On my way to Nashville soon to join in the mass chaos that is General Assembly, our version of a denominational party. As I watch Twitter feeds discussing excitement, and some snarky replies, and how we over-work our local arrangement people, I wish I was back in the Smoky Mountains.

It was only a short month ago that I was headed that way. Never been there. And upon arrival (as preached a few weeks back) I was whisked away deep into the forest to watch magic happen. You see in the area near Gatlinburg, once a year, lightening bugs flash in sync. Yep you read that right. Scientists have been studying it for years and it is a wonder to see.

And right now I’m wondering how much efforts we put into worship production, life production, birthday party production, work production…and how that moment in darkness, when all is still and people actually whisper, the trees move and dance to the light of a bug. They land on you, whizz next to you, nestle gently on the rocks near the streams. They just live to light up for the night. No special plans. No massive effort at getting everything done.

I wish today, I was a lightening bug.