There’s currently a quote on my desk: “When I think about my life, I am sure I will not arrive at an old age. But I would rather sing one day as a lion than a hundred years as a sheep.” (Cecelia Bartoli) It made me think about lions. How powerful they are with their roar. How you can hear the roar almost wherever you are in the Fort Worth Zoo. How they express their roars with their whole body, not being slight about it at all.


How are you stressed? In a sheep way or a lion/ness way? How are you in the world?  Do you seem a little snippy of late, and less than grace-giving with one another? Or seem more concerned for the product than the life transformation that happens in spite of us? Are you part of the perfection crowd that are quick to harp on what our personal need is, without regard to the relationship of the whole? If I am honest, I am, at times. I serve with people who are like this at times. It makes me sheepish. It makes me want to hide in the herd, rather than stand on a rock and growl deeply, fully.


So last night I turned to scripture to think about what to do. Take a look at Exodus 35:31: “Bezalel is filled with the Spirit of God, with skill, with intelligence, with knowledge, and with all craftsmanship.” Besides being of Godly character, he is also an accomplished artist.  This artist is not only fantastic at what he is called to do, but also is concerned about God’s artistry in his own soul. I recently shared this with my band and stated his example is a biblical standard for what we do. We are striving at The Search for our ministry to be more than music, to be a form of spiritual identity. I want us to be lions/lionesses with our spiritual character long before our musical character each Sunday.


This week, how will you stretch your “Roar” to be about the artistic spirituality?