Twitter was aflutter yesterday, wasn’t it? Everyone checking to see if they were “left behind” or finding cutesy ways to to discuss being around. Yours truly even got in on the fun. But a serious question remains for me as I wonder about postmodern pilgrim peoples… IF YOU ARE SO CONCERNED ABOUT BEING LEFT BEHIND THEN WHY ARE YOU NOT HELPING COMMUNITY HAPPEN?

Whether or not you believe in the end of days/rapture way of God bringing restoration to the Eden moment again doesn’t really concern me. What does bother me, though, is why we feel we can’t get started bringing the kingdom principles of life, justice, mercy and peace alive today. We have to start working towards an end game that brings everyone to the table, do we not?

So I don’t know what you are doing today, besides muttering about having to actually pay the bill you were waiting to pay (just in case of rapture). But I do hope some of us will use the opportunity to get talking and doing about being a culture of Eden, where we see the goodness and blessing of God, and then get about the world sharing that goodness and blessing.