So I was driving this week, quite a bit. And over and over I heard a radio commercial that just drove me batty. It seems a national bank that will go unnamed at this point, has endeavored to create a new position for it’s commercial clients. The new position? A RELATIONSHIP COUNSELOR. No joke. This person doesn’t necessarily work the typical 9-4 job, but is available to you outside the normal working routine.


I guess I’m wondering if they learned from the church. Or should we be learning from them? In our past, churches were the center of care for townships. The church provided education, solace, counseling, sanctuary. Minister types were considered epic in the community and part of the fabric of the town’s ethical conscience. And now, we have a bank. A BANK?!?!?! Is that seriously where people are finding a human voice outside the “normal working routine” that can help them find connection and build relationships?


As a pastor, I’m burned out. I’m tired. I’m worn out. I’m tired. I’m frazzled. I’m tired. But what even sends me into more anxiousness is the thought that no matter how tired I am that the church cannot hold the burdens, joys, concerns, celebrations of her community close enough to be there in a relationship. I don’t think we are gonna see the end of business co-opting terms we thought the church had primacy over. 


So, what will we, the church, do as a response? How will we be relationship managers, counselors, cheerleaders, prophets?