It’s an epic day. I’m not 50, but I know the importance of this day. I sit here in my pink chair writing away, dreaming about covenant-keeping and I wonder, in our schools are our children reciting their dreams? Today of all days, are they listening in to the words of MLK, his dreams, hopes, aspirations and wondering what they can accomplish in 50 years? 

I’m hoping that to be true.

Because from my vantage point, I hope it isn’t a time to ponder what we HAVEN’T yet accomplished. As humanity we have a long history of doing that you know. Finding the holes in our covenant-keeping. The dashing of dreaming. As the Israelites stood with Moses, and he laid out for them in Deuteronomy the simple path: choose life, or curse in chapters 29-31, do you think those that gathered thought about all that could’ve been done differently? I do. I’m sure there were those that took that moment to point out the shotty plans. The messes. The mixups. 

But I’m hoping beyond hope that we are the tenacious ones. The ones that continue to dare to dream that God’s reign will be accomplished. Where all are welcome. Where all become blessed. Where all are fed. Where all have a chance to succeed. Where all have mercy. Where all have justice. Where all, regardless of race, sex, gender, education, technology, nation-state, religion, will gather at the table of God and feast together. 

I’m pretty sure that’s an audacious dream. 50 years from now Google probably won’t have a banner for me with a table drawing. Doesn’t make it any less important. 

God implores us to dream big dreams. May it be so.