“…and so this is Christmas.”

I unpacked my Shiny Brite vintage ornaments and their boxes and lovingly placed them on my table. And then had to explain to my 9 year old why the battered boxes meant so much to me. Why I didn’t really care for the plastic looking knockoffs that were sold everywhere that wouldn’t shatter and break. Why these boxes bring tears to my eyes. Why it is so important to have the colored glass and the sprayed on felt with the glitter shimmer just so on the tree.

And yeah, they are just boxes and glass. Did you know that this company Shiny Brite had some of the most popular ornaments during the 40’s and 50’s? And the idea came from one Max Eckardt who was working with the Corning Glass Company. With war seeming imminent, he adapted their production line and supplies from Germany that were the clear glass ornaments, and made the colored glass, which was finished in America, by hand. 

There is something about those cracked ornaments– the wear and tear, the fissures, the shine kind of tarnished that makes me pause during Christmas. It’s why it is my table centerpiece and an important part of my Christmas decor. That Christmas…, you know, the BIRTH one? It wasn’t so perfect, either. It wasn’t just so. It was a forgotten, slightly battered couple just making do. And yet the magic shone.

I am torn. I have wear and tear. And yet Advent is here with its unfailing hope, its glittery beckoning. Yep… so this is my Christmas.