It’s ash day. Not from fire. From our own messes. Our own recognition that we dusty souls and a conundrum of crazy choices. So many people still believe Ash Wednesday is a “Catholic” thing. So some of us find our way to chapels, drive through ash services, sanctuaries or tents to receive a smudge on our hand or forehead and remember that “to dust we shall return” and begin the long journey towards Jerusalem, and a journey of our own in introspection.

This day, for me, begins an intentional time with art. Yep. You read that correctly. Not a time of giving up anything, but taking on a practice of art, daily. Immersing myself in time and creation, so that I can connect with the Creator. Slow down. Breathe. Find solace. Co-create. Believe me, it’s an intentional spiritual practice in the life of this spiritually chaotic circus clown of a pastor!

Today, I have on rotation as I begin to color and scribble several tunes that are “ash” like. It’s hard to find songs about Ash Wednesday, ya know? But these are some gems. Links are here. One is even a free download. Stop. Rest. Ash. Reflect.

“Ashes & Fire” from Ryan Adams

“Ash Wednesday Blues” from Anders Osborne

“Ash Wednesday” from Elvis Perkins

“Ashes to Ashes” from Andra Moran (free download gift! Thanks, Andra!)