Trail of Glitter

There are those days where I ponder my existence. We all do it. For some of us, it happens after a particularly hard funeral–where stories abound of the many great and wonderful accomplishments of the one we are honoring and we stop and consider our own life to this point. For others of us, it happens when we feel stuck in the mounds of endless minutiae of laundry piles and unopened bills that seemingly teeter everywhere.

I am fairly certain that given a cape, a nice tiara, and glitter, I could save the world.

Mine happened last night at 1:13 a.m. walking to let my canine, Gidget, out to chase some unsuspecting feline out of our yard. A shiny something caught my eye as I waited for her to patrol the fence line and come back in: a sequin? a diamond? mula?

G   L   I   T   T   E   R

Just a few small specs. Just enough moonlight. Just enough of me paying attention for once to see it there on my stoop. A few Christmases ago, my mom gave me that saying above to hang in my workspace to remind me that I am a glittery superhero (heroine). Amidst the clutter and chaos and sparkly nonsense of my every day where glitter always abounds, I wonder: If I could just stop. Put on a tiara. Any ole plastic one will do. Find a pillowcase for a cape. Throw some glitter in the air. Would that do it? Would that shake my funk? Would that open my eyes? Would that put a sheen on the surroundings enough to make me see that I truly am a shiny something to be put into action?

Let’s try it. Together. En masse. Our own surreptitious superhero incursion.