post its

What do you mean I’m a color? What is ENFJ? a 7?

So when I’m out and about networking or meeting, regardless of place or kind of meeting, invariably someone, somewhere will ask if I’ve been “typed” by so-and-so or this-and-that personality test.

So my first reaction is to scream like a banshee and see what personality test records that.

Then I remind myself that these can be helpful indicators in project management, team dynamics, and even in (drumroll) churches. You see we all bring to the table our system of processing information, hearing and seeing others, and looking at the world around us. And most of the time we consider all of these bits of information in our way as the best way. And it is… for us.

But then, lo and behold, we must interact with humanity and they are thinking the same things. And then it just gets to be messy and questions emerge and conflict arises and OH MY!

So take a deep breath. Don’t surround yourself with only your number, your color or your letters. What a terrible world that would be. Let’s face it: there are about 2700 species of snakes in our world, 10,000 varieties of tomatoes are grown, and there are 65,536 different shades of blue that are eyes can detect. I think a few messy personalities mucking up things just fits right in!