March 18

The European ExoMars orbiter mission got underway on Monday, March 14. And it is a perfect time to get a chance to see Mars in the night sky, just before dawn. This mosaic portrait of Mars taken by an orbiting spacecraft show the grandest canyon in the entire solar system, Valles Marineris, at the center.

“All the buried dead are in torment, and all who’ve been drowned in the deep, deep sea. Hell is ripped open before God, graveyards dug up and exposed. He spreads the skies over unformed space, hangs the earth out in empty space. He pours water into cumulus cloud-bags and the bags don’t burst. He makes the moon wax and wane, putting it through its phases. He draws the horizon out over the ocean, sets a boundary between light and darkness. Thunder crashes and rumbles in the skies. Listen! It’s God raising his voice! By his power he stills sea storms, by his wisdom he tames sea monsters. With one breath he clears the sky, with one finger he crushes the sea serpent. And this is only the beginning, a mere whisper of his rule. Whatever would we do if he really raised his voice!”

Scripture Reference: Job 26: 5-14, The Message

Photo Credit: Nasa/JPL