“How can Christmas be over? The story of the Gospel is just beginning. We who saw the Star now live in its Light. We who saw and heard now believe.” — Ann Weems, January’s Song

I’m in the middle of packing up the many decorations from Christmastime. I always get a little sad. It’s like I haven’t had enough time to really relish in the glitter, the sparkling, the extra-specialness. I always want to leave it up a little longer. I try… but then get the glances. You know, the ones that come from people visiting your home and the remarks: “You STILL have your decorations up?!” The lasting gazes of your neighbors wondering if you have become lazy, a hoarder, or if you will catch a clue. So I always relent.

Last night, my daughter commented about our yard lights. How pretty and magical they were. She wanted to know if we could keep them up all year. “It lights up our pathway, Mom; I think that’s always a good thing.” She is so right. We’ve just now started living in the glow! We’re just now understanding how to change our lives. We are just now at the beginning… does it HAVE to be so soon that we march towards the next Hallmark Holiday and leave behind the words of the Gospel proclaiming “GLORY! ALLELUIA!”

So the lights are still on.